You are always on a journey.

It means not only visiting the country you have a longing for,

but also coming across a beautiful flower unexpectedly

when you walk along a street you’ve never been to,

or finding something new in the book you should have read many times.

It doesn’t matter how long your journey takes.

Coming across something unknown becomes a journey.

Once I am impressed by new sense of value,

the fact stands in my way and gives me a chance to find myself again.

And I begin to think about a reason for existence of everything from zero.

The surprise and the respect that come from encounters.

Trying to put them into a shape

to get a nice view that no one have had yet.

Design is a journey.

It’s TABIBITO’s style of working.

is a design company which values the following four words.

I think it very little that I know in this world.

I would like to meet and talk with more people.

I’d like to understand things happening now better,

in order to make my design more reliable

and pleasant for every one to spend time with.